Career Opportunity
Infrastructure Developer / DevOps

The Infrastructure Developer is a well-rounded individual with varied interests including infrastructure, technology, development and the business it enables. Their role is to automate, streamline and maintain technology solutions that support development, QA, and operations (internal and production). Although they are constantly keeping abreast of emerging tools and trends in the IT industry, they are results-driven and have the maturity to make recommendations that best address DMT’s current business needs, leveraging a scientific or data-driven mindset. 

The position involves…

  • Developing, configuring and maintaining tooling shared across teams, including automation to replace repetitive or error-prone tasks
  • Monitoring and developing reporting on various KPIS, including production health
  • Conducting research and development for new technology including third party products
  • Troubleshooting various issues in the development, test and production environments, providing results to stakeholders in a clear, actionable format
  • Developing a roadmap alongside like-minded talented colleagues to progress DevOps principles within the company
  • Creating detailed technical, procedural and usage documentation
  • Ensuring relevant security policies are implemented and enforced
  • Assisting in training or knowledge sharing as required for new and existing tooling and procedures
  • Collaborating effectively with application development and infrastructure / operations teams, including planning meetings, to provide technical expertise and to identify operational improvement opportunities
  • Managing a fluctuating workload with minimal supervision in the completion of tasks
  • Assisting in defining standards that can be measured and enforced

Our ideal candidate will have…

  • A University Degree or College Diploma in an applicable field
  • Passion for emerging technology and DevOps practices such as continuous integration / deployment / delivery, infrastructure as code, automated testing, and monitoring
  • 3+ years of coding/scripting and operations/infrastructure-related expertise. Must have applicable experience in a developer, systems operations, or development operations role.
  • Broad knowledge base including build / deployment / monitoring / automation tools, source control (Git / SVN), server administration (Windows / Linux / SQL / IIS / Apache), cloud, networking protocols and hardware
  • Proven use of scripting and other languages to automate change or configurations
  • Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Typically has been focused on expanding technical knowledge and accumulating practical relevant experience for several years
  • Data / metrics driven, structured thinking
  • Business-minded, full consideration to business requirements and constraints, including cost and timelines
  • Demonstrated experience in various DevOps tools and technologies, such as Puppet, New Relic, Graylog, Grafana, Vagrant, Docker, VMWare/HyperV
  • Familiarity with modern architectural concepts such as microservices, RESTful APIs, queueing, distributed caching, cloud-native applications
  • Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

If you are ready for the challenge, please forward your resume to