Career Opportunity
Product Analyst

DMT is seeking an experienced and energetic full-time Product Analyst to join our team. The Product Analyst is responsible for understanding and executing many of the day to day tactical requirements as well as supporting the ongoing efforts towards product evolution, maintenance and governance of DMT online lead management product(s). The Product Analyst must understand the priority OEMs and dealers place on e-leads and will collect, categorize and assist with the prioritization of the requirements with OEM and dealer business requirements in mind. Additionally, the Product Analyst will be required to liaise between various internal and external stakeholders and offer input on how DMT products evolve to meet those needs. The Product Analyst must be well versed in DMT’s business, the working of OEMs and dealers, as well as how technology can be leveraged to meet those needs.


  • Provide DMT input to the Evolution and Sustainment pod of DMT Products
  • Work closely with various DMT teams to analyze business requirements as they relate to DMT product sustainment
  • Prepare internal and external communication/messaging regarding new releases
  • Prepare product deployment release notes
  • Provide direction/validation to client messaging for Client Services, Dealer Sales Division, and other team members as necessary
  • Review client case logs and synthesize the contents to find opportunities for product improvement
  • Conduct research, reports, etc. in support of product evolution
  • Provide analysis of reports produced with the business of DMT and product evolution in mind
  • Assist with governance and ensuring the “general health” of RAPID! Response (and other products over time)
  • Manage DMT Product Helpdesk submissions


  • Able to work independently, yet collaboratively
  • Excellent communication skills (internally and externally)
  • Ability to formulate thoughts quickly
  • Detail oriented
  • Is flexible to meet deadlines when required
  • Subject matter authority in e-leads – understands digital car shopper and their needs
  • Must understand the automotive industry (dealers and OEM)
  • Must understand technology and how it can be leveraged
  • Business minded
  • Ability to think critically
  • Provide a professional image
  • Ability to build trust based relationships
  • Strong reporting skills
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Excel
  • Strong research skills
  • Able to effectively communicate with technical and application delivery teams
  • Locations: Winnipeg, Manitoba

If you are ready for the challenge, please forward your resume to