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Jun 02, 2014
750 dealers, U.S. expansion a birthday gift for DMT’s RAPID! Response

WINNIPEG (June 2, 2014) — DMT Development Systems Group Inc. celebrates the second birthday of its keystone RAPID! ResponseTM Internet lead management system for auto dealers this week with the announcement that it has surpassed 750 retailers using the product in Canada.

RAPID! Response will also have a U.S. market debut with the first pilot project there now in the planning phase, the company said.

“I don’t think there can be any doubt that we are the number one Internet lead management tool in Canada,” says a delighted Glen Demetrioff, president and chief executive of DMT. “We have a 100 per cent response rate for leads. That’s every lead, in every store, every day!”

“That’s what we promise customers for RAPID! Response that’s what we deliver,” adds Demetrioff.

RAPID! Response, the most comprehensive lead management and tracking system ever devised for dealers and OEMs, can consolidate sales leads from numerous digital sources and deliver them right to a salesperson’s smartphone, tablet or personal computer for immediate assessment and action. Sales managers in turn can audit the salesperson’s response for speed and quality regardless of the device utilized to create the response. All information is provided in real time to monitor the lead response. 

The system was put into pilot test in February of 2012 and rolled out two months later. In the two years it has been available, dealers representing nearly every brand available in Canada have adopted the system.

“Having 750 dealers using RAPID! Response would normally be enough evidence of its success,” Demetrioff explains, “but what we hear from dealers is the most gratifying. We have dozens of testimonials. Some dealers tell us that RAPID! Response has helped them close 35 per cent of e-leads; others say they get higher volumes of showroom traffic and close more auto show leads, that their leads are higher quality and close deals faster, and that sales forces have sharpened their competitive instincts when they know the speed and quality of their responses to e-leads turns into real sales. The general message from our dealers is that RAPID! Response is the best lead management tool – hands down.”

Demetrioff predicts that 1,000 Canadian dealers will be using RAPID! Response by the end of the year.

As more Canadian dealers adopt RAPID! Response each month, dealers in other countries will begin to see the benefits of the system as sales expand to international markets. “Our dealers continually beat industry benchmarks for all aspects of lead management,” Demetrioff says. “It is a Canadian product that the automobile sales world has been waiting for.”

DMT serves the global auto industry with specialized and sophisticated systems that share information among companies, dealers and customers while improving lead management, customer relations management and their related business processes. DMT products serve customers in 23 languages in more than 30 countries on three continents. A private company, DMT has its headquarters on the campus of the University of Manitoba and offices in Toronto, Ontario, and Paris, France.

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