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Sep 26, 2014
Hyundai Auto Canada taps DMT for leading-edge technology to better serve shoppers

WINNIPEG (September 26, 2014) – Car buyers seeking the information they need to secure their perfect Hyundai will get help from a ground-breaking new service from Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. and its network of dealers across Canada, the creator of the new service has announced.

DMT Development Systems Group Inc. will complete the installation of RAPID! Response in the national network of more than 212 Hyundai dealers across Canada in September. RAPID! Response helps automobile dealers provide more timely responses to on-line consumer enquiries, including more complete information and improved follow-up. The system will be tailored to the unique requirements of Hyundai dealers in Canada.

”Hyundai has made a commitment to take advantage of the most advanced technology to help deliver an industry-leading shopping experience for our customers,” said Jennifer Dobbs, Director of Marketing at Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. “It’s well-known that more and more Canadians are picking their next vehicle through online sources, so Hyundai dealerships coast-to-coast will be able to respond in real time to the customer whether they made first contact through a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.”

“Consumers can expect faster and a more customized response to their online inquiries at the same time as dealerships can monitor the responses from sales staff and track the enquires to ensure consumers’ requests don’t get lost,” explains DMT President and CEO Glen Demetrioff.

“The RAPID! Response system quickly directs the online inquiry right to a salesperson, then monitors to ensure the shopper gets a high quality, timely, professional response message directly from the salesperson, not an auto-response or a third-party-generated reply,” says Demetrioff. “The system then keeps track of that digital ‘lead’ with real-time reporting on both the speed and quality of the response to ensure the dealer sales staff stays in touch with the potential customer.”
RAPID! Response is the first system of its kind in the world and the leading digital lead management tool in the industry. After two years in the field, it has been installed in more than 850 dealerships in Canada.

RAPID! Response has built a stellar reputation for its ability to quickly direct leads right to the salesperson, delivery of a high quality, professional response message and real-time reporting on both the speed and quality of the response – factors that combine to ensure vital sales leads don’t slip through dealers’ fingers, Demetroiff says. “RAPID! Response can deliver the sales lead to a salesperson’s desktop computer, or to any modern smartphone – Android, iPhone or Blackberry. But,” says Demetrioff, “it is the consolidation of the response data from all of these devices into a single view that allows the user to monitor how prospective customers are treated.”

DMT serves the global auto industry with specialized and sophisticated systems that share information among companies, dealers and customers while improving lead management, customer relations management and their related business processes. DMT products serve customers in 23 languages in more than 30 countries on three continents. A private company, DMT has its headquarters on the campus of the University of Manitoba and offices in Toronto, Ontario, and Paris, France.

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