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Sep 30, 2014
Media Feature: RAPID! Response turns warm leads into sales

Canadian Auto World Feature: RAPID! Response turns warm leads into sales

Module manages lease renewals and finance maturities

Looking for a tool that will bring discipline to CRM when it comes to lease renewals and car finance maturities? You want to make sure your customers know their lease is up for renewal or their car loan has matured and they’re ready for a new one and that your dealership has just what they need.

DMT Development Systems Group Inc. of Winnipeg says it has just what you need. DMT calls it RAPID! Response.

Glen Demetrioff, company founder and president explained how the system works.

“When a lease registry is supplied to the dealership by the OEM, dealers can use this to create a mass distribution list in RAPID! Response to send messages from the F&I officer explaining to them the offerings of the dealership, the process of returning the car and the invitation to come in for a test drive and discuss particulars on a new vehicle.”

“Multiple communications can be initiated to go out at any time but most dealers choose six months before the final date,” Demetrioff said.

The module also does the same for finance maturities.

“The product is designed to be simple to use. With a few clicks, you can have the list and a personalized email to each consumer.”

Demetrioff says RAPID! Response is at work managing lease renewals for many franchise dealers such as Kia, Hyundai and others..

With its head office in Winnipeg, the company hasbeen in business since 1996. The company says its products serves OEMs and dealers in 23 languages in 30 countries and on three continents.

It works this way. The system allows the dealer to batch maturities by month and to manage those communications sent to specific customers for any given batch.Communications sent by the dealer are personalized and usually include renewal details provided by the OEM or its captive or finance partners.Each batch of maturities can be communicated with at any time and a history of that communication is stored within the system.

The tool works the same way for all sales leads captured from Autoshows, events and contests, Demetrioff says.

The goal is to increase the likelihood the customer will return to the dealership for another vehicle.

RAPID! Response is known as a leader in the industry for lead management that consolidates sales leads in real-time from numerous on-line sources and achieves a 100% customized response rate in less than 45 minutes. It is currently installed in over 850 dealerships across Canada.

Demetrioff says individual dealers can useRAPID! Response even if their OEM is not.

“You can farm your own data,” Demetrioff says. “Dealers can correlate the lease or finance registry to their own service records.”

“Staff can see and judge the customer’s vehicle by its service records, kilometres, equipment, etc.

With this knowledge, they may find a low-kilometre vehicle and make that customer an offer that is extremely beneficial to that customer and the dealership.”

That puts the dealership in control of how and when it markets to the customer.

He says that with RAPID! Response comes a bilingual support team that helps dealership staff fully utilize the application.

Training and help is ongoing, he says.

“Our support team works with the data every day. They can provide pinpoint accurate coaching on how the dealership can maximize their database and the messaging they can put out.

“We don’t want only 10 per cent of our functionality to be used. We want our clients to benefit from the power of RAPID! Response to ensure an excellent ROI from our products.That’s our philosophy.”

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