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Jan 01, 2011
Renault awards contract for news media info site to Winnipeg’s DMT

French car-maker Renault has reached out to DMT Development Systems Group Inc. of Winnipeg for the expertise to build and maintain the company’s news media information website.

DMT has begun building the global media website for the Renault Group, including Renault, Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors, and the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

The pioneer in creating what the industry has come to call “PR sites” for automakers, DMT has created similar facilities for Renault’s corporate cousin Nissan in Europe, as well as for Volvo in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Mitsubishi in Canada also uses the DMT system.

DMT will use its proprietary media site technology to create the central repository that will feed the Renault corporate media site and numerous national media sites that will launch under the DMT platform. While all will have access to the same bank of product and corporate information, the individual national sites will have some flexibility in presentation to reflect the needs of their local market. The sites have the capability to support Latin and non-Latin based characters sets, with the platform currently deployed in more than 25 languages from around the world. 

Last year, DMT was selected from a field of international firms to supply NISSAN INTERNATIONAL SA with a multi-language Internet-based system to deliver corporate, brand and product news to journalists covering the auto industry in Europe. The new Renault sites will use a version of the same digital architecture used for the Nissan project.

DMT’s clear leadership in the field and its experience working in multiple countries helped demonstrate the company’s ability to handle the Renault assignment, says DMT president Glen Demetrioff. “Our T4 Media Platform and our long history at the leading edge of this area of the auto industry were obviously important considerations,” explains Demetrioff. “But our sensitivity to the subtleties of a global company dealing with diverse local markets, in dealing with multiple languages, and in understanding the character of the brands also makes a difference when a company needs to bring continuity and consistency across multiple countries and cultures. It’s our competitive advantage.”

The development of successful media websites complements DMT’s core business of creating centrally-controlled, easily administered information systems designed to share data between car dealers and their parent manufacturer. The first PR site was developed for U.S.-based Volvo Cars of North America LLC; a site for Volvo in Canada quickly followed. Today, all major car companies deploy some version of a unique site for media information.

DMT serves global and Canadian-based auto manufacturers and their dealers with specialized and sophisticated systems that share information among companies, dealers and customers while improving lead management, customer relations management and their related business processes. A privately held company, DMT has posted double digit growth since its inception and employs more than 75 people at its headquarters on the campus of the University of Manitoba. Additional customer service personnel work directly with the clients in their locations.

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