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Feb 16, 2012
Revolutionary RAPID! Response solves the mystery for distributing and tracking auto sales leads

TORONTO (February 16, 2012) – The most comprehensive lead management and tracking system ever devised for car dealers and manufacturers was debuted here today by DMT Development Systems Group Inc.

The new system, called RAPID! Response™, can consolidate sales leads from numerous sources and deliver them right to a salesperson’s desktop or personal smartphone for immediate assessment and action. Sales managers in turn can audit the salesperson’s response for speed and quality regardless of the device utilized to create the response. All information is provided in real time to monitor the lead response. 

It is the first system of its kind, according to DMT president Glen Demetrioff, and will be available to both auto manufacturers and individual dealers.

“We don’t know of another system anywhere that can systematically distribute leads from multiple sources to individual salespeople, and then track the response in terms of speed and quality – all in real time,” says Demetrioff.

RAPID! Response has been field tested since mid-2011, and will launch in Canada with the dealers of Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. followed by other franchised car dealerships in the following months. RAPID! Response will be introduced to overseas markets later this year.

Recent pilot tests indicated the staggering potential of the system, Demetrioff says.

“In a pilot spanning several months and involving hundreds of leads from various sources, the participating dealers registered a 43-minute response time with zero leads abandoned. Now compare that to industry mystery shop data that show an average response time requiring many hours coupled with a double-digit lead abandon rate and you get an idea of the effectiveness of RAPID! Response,” says Demetrioff.

Three powerful aspects of the system – the ability to quickly direct leads right to the salesperson, delivery of a high quality, professional response message and real-time reporting on both the speed and quality of the response – combine to ensure vital sales leads don’t slip through dealers’ fingers, Demetrioff says.

“Car companies and dealers invest heavily in marketing to engage consumers,” Demetrioff explains, “so they’re understandably frustrated when these consumers are not handled in a professional and timely fashion. The consumer is frustrated, the car company is frustrated and the dealer is frustrated – all by the technology that’s meant to help the sales process.”

RAPID! Response can deliver the sales lead to a salesperson’s desktop computer, or to any modern smartphone – Android, iPhone or Blackberry. But, says Demetrioff, it is the consolidation of the response data from all of these devices into a single view that allows the user to audit how prospective customers are treated. That is the greatest value to both the dealer and manufacturer.

 “First, RAPID! Response measures how quickly the salesperson responded to an inquiry. Remember, timeliness is important to consumers,” Demetrioff says. “Then it lets users measure how well the salesperson responds. For example, is it just a generic response – ‘Thanks for your e-mail…’ – or is it specific to what the shopper wanted to know? Colour, options, price, availability – those kinds of questions.”

“And then there’s the quality of the response. Are there spelling mistakes? Grammar? Is it respectful? Is it presented in a pleasing manner or just thrown together in a rush? These are things that make a difference to shoppers.”

“I think we have a game-changer for the industry,” says Demetrioff. “Everyone wins.”

DMT serves global and Canadian-based auto manufacturers and their dealers with specialized and sophisticated systems that share information among companies, dealers and customers while improving lead management, customer relations management and their related business processes. A privately held company, DMT has posted double digit growth since its inception and employs more than 85 people at its headquarters on the campus of the University of Manitoba and at an office in Paris, France. Additional customer service personnel work directly with the clients in their locations. A new DMT office opened in Toronto earlier this year.

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