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Dec 21, 2012
Volvo Car China project expands DMT international reach

WINNIPEG (December 20, 2012) – DMT Development Systems Group Inc. has taken its first step into an Asian market with the introduction this week of a new media information platform for client Volvo Car China.

One of the most comprehensive automotive media sites in that country, the new Volvo Car China Newsroom is an extension of a Volvo Car Corporation partnership with DMT that has delivered news, background, photos, video and data to journalists covering the auto industry in 13 markets around the world.

The site, which debuted December 17, includes China’s popular social media sharing tools as well as photo galleries and product information.

The new Volvo Car China site <> gives DMT a footprint on three continents and 28 countries around the world.

For consistency the site uses a similar architecture as other international Volvo sites, says DMT president Glen Demetrioff, but adapted to the unique challenges of the character-based language. There are more than 3,000 commonly used characters, and tens of thousands of Chinese characters that go back into history.

All translation was handled by Volvo; DMT hosts the site.

“The auto industry is global and we move with our clients,” explains Demetrioff. “Every market has its unique challenges, and that puts a premium on adaptability. We think that our international experience had made us a very adaptable partner for companies with a global outlook.”

DMT is a pioneer in the establishment and evolution of media information sites for the auto industry. Today, most major car companies deploy some version of a unique site for media information. The development of news media information sites complements DMT’s core business of creating centrally-controlled, easily administered information systems designed to share data between car dealers and the companies.

Last year, a media information site created for Hyundai Motor America won a prestigious EPPY award for the Best Automotive Website with under 250,000 unique monthly visitors. The EPPY Awards recognize the best media-affiliated websites across 43 diverse categories and are considered among the most important in an industry based on rapidly changing technology and user expectations.

DMT serves global and Canadian-based auto manufacturers and their dealers with specialized and sophisticated systems that share information among companies, dealers and customers while improving lead management, customer relations management and their related business processes. A privately held company, DMT has posted double digit growth since its inception and employs more than 85 people at its headquarters on the campus of the University of Manitoba and at an office in Paris, France. Additional customer service personnel work directly with the clients in their locations. A new DMT office opened in Toronto earlier this year.

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