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Apr 01, 2006
Winnipeg Company’s Breakthrough System Translates Into Mitsubishi Canada Partnership

WINNIPEG (April 2006) – Mitsubishi Canada is yet another Canadian company reaping the benefits of Winnipeg’s DMT Development Systems Group and its integrated enterprise IT system designed for automotive manufacturers. Mitsubishi joins Volvo, Hyundai, Land Rover and Jaguar as DMT clients experiencing the successful eDrive Platform that manages various “touch-points” within the customer’s purchase cycle.

DMT President Glen Demetrioff is very proud to be part of the Mitsubishi team. "Mitsubishi Canada has the right leadership, the right product mix, and a committed dealer body to move the brand forward beyond expectations. This is an amazing time for Mitsubishi and we're excited to be involved with this incredible momentum in Canada," says Glen.

Mitsubishi Canada President Paul Cummings says the reason they chose DMT is because of their solid balance of industry experience and technology. According to Cummings, “DMT has a very integrated solution that will allow Mitsubishi to leverage one of the best technology platforms in the automotive sector. We wanted them as our partner and we succeeded in securing their talents to help move the Mitsubishi brand forward in Canada.”

Mitsubishi’s National Marketing Manager Larry Futers believes DMT brings a competitive edge to the Mitsubishi brand. “The scalability of DMT's eDrive platform allows us to bolt-on tools as our business grows,” adds Futers. “With each component, we use their analytical models to gauge results and track prospects through the purchase funnel with pin-point accuracy. By better understanding our customer, Mitsubishi can be more responsive to the motivational factors that drive consumer confidence in the Mitsubishi brand.”

This automotive solutions provider, located at the University of Manitoba’s SMARTPARK technical park, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2007 and has shown double digit growth every year. DMT’s proximity to exceptional computer science resources provides them with technical advantages as well as a direct channel for continued expansion plans.

DMT employs more than 70 people at their SMARTPARK office and has strategic alliances with the University of Manitoba, Dell Inc. and Bell Canada. DMT also makes products to support Toyota, Lexus and Subaru brands.

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