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Nov 18, 2006
Winnipeg Firm Wins Global Contract with Volvo Cars in Sweden

WINNIPEG (November 18, 2006) - It may be bitterly cold in Winnipeg, but the fast keystrokes now required from the IT developers at DMT Development Systems Group Inc. will help keep the frostbite at bay. DMT has been awarded the global IT contract for Volvo Car Corporation’s media website located in Göteborg, Sweden.

This massive new site, based on DMT’s eDrive technology platform, will cater to the international media community and local markets around the globe to provide a web-based resource centre for obtaining images, specifications, press releases, and a wide variety of Volvo Car material for editorial use.

“The basic building block of any relationship is trust. In our business relationship with Volvo Cars, they trust DMT to build and deliver a media website system that is worthy of international recognition…and that’s what we’re going to do!” explains DMT’s President, Glen Demetrioff.

Thousands of Hours to Build The site will feature a rich navigation system along with an extensive archive of Volvo Cars news and media material. To help sort through the thousands of uniquely indexed items, the site will boast a highly intelligent search engine for locating editorial content. “Finding content quickly is a key element for journalists. By developing a unique scoring algorithm that ranks key words in titles and headlines differently than body text, we have a much higher success rate for finding the right content on the first search.” says Demetrioff.

Finding the content is the first step but downloading the content is another.The site will feature multiple download formats for press releases and images. A shopping cart feature will allow the user to select items and then receive the information bundled in a zip file for quick downloading.

Integrated Countries

Volvo Cars is represented globally and with that comes the specialization of Volvo products and local language for every country that retails a Volvo car. “A Volvo built for Canada is different than a Volvo built for Italy. The task of integrating one platform for all countries will be quite a challenge.” explains Nilton Resende, Project Manager for the Volvo Car media site. “We have the talent. It’s now putting that knowledge into keystrokes to build it.” adds Resende.

High volume countries will be launching individual sites that cater to their own local media while the global site offers product information on a broader level. Each country will have a self-sustaining media site that is completely integrated with the global site.

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