DMT RAPID! Response Lead Management
Route By Source
Every lead. In the right hands. Every time.
Direct leads automatically to your sales representative best suited for each source with Route By Source.
Deliver leads from any source such as Unhaggle and Car Cost Canada to your designated sales representative.
Filter and prioritize leads by source.
Engage leads by connecting them with knowledgeable experts.
Close more leads today with Route By Source from the creators of RAPID! Response®.
Read Receipts
Premium response viewed. Salesperson notified.
Know when and how often customers read your lead responses with Read Receipt alerts and Dashboard Reporting.
Sales representatives will know who, when and how often a customer has opened their lead response.
Discover the best time to follow up on leads.
Use invaluable data to better manage your leads.
Add clarity and validation to your lead management process with Read Receipts from the creators of RAPID! Response®.
Conversation Threading
Send response. Emails exchanged. View conversation.
Track email conversations through to the showroom appointment quickly and easily with Conversation Threading.
View all email interactions between sales representatives and prospective customers.
Ensure all information shared with leads is accurate and complete.
Evaluate staff performance quickly and easily.
Manage and monitor the flow of information between sales staff and leads with Conversation Threading from the creators of RAPID! Response®.
100% lead response.
Imagine responding to 100% of your leads with personalized replies 100% of the time. Now you can – and in record time. RAPID! Response consolidates leads from more than 150 online sources and delivers them in a consistent and easy-to-read message right to your sales teams' desktops or mobile device for immediate customer engagement. Follow-up with a rich, personalized response in seconds including brochures, images, and videos.
RAPID! Response dashboard
lead response rate with RAPID! Response.
fast, premium responses including dealership branding and rich media.
33 minutes
average response time with RAPID! Response.
Leads from anywhere, directly to you.
Over 10,000,000 leads processed. Zero leads lost.
100% Response Rate.
Instant alerts and ongoing reminders ensure not a single lead slips through the cracks.
Our dealers see an industry-leading average response time of 33 minutes – down from 8 hours!
Personalized responses complete with OEM branding, dealership details, salesperson photos, and more.
Go beyond text and include videos, photos, and brochures with any response in a single tap.
Requires no special hardware or software – works with any desktop or mobile device.
Our dealers agree: RAPID! Response pays for itself in a matter of weeks.